Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Happy Birthday to Robb

Here's wishing health and happiness to Robb on his birthday!


Raina said...

Happy Birthday Robb! I'm so glad to hear that you're doing well! I hope that the next year continues to be better and brighter for you.

For your entertainment, here is a random little photo of me and my beautiful sister at her wedding this past saturday. (Yeah, I know the photos aren't great... my mother is still learning how to use her camera.) And yes, I did make the dress.

Best wishes!

Karla Peterson said...

Happy Birthday Robb. I'm always amazed
when I read your blog how many cool
outings you and Lisa are able to

We have been enjoying our last summer
of relative freedom before Owen starts
kindergarten at Park. (We're looking
forward to meeting your friend Gina.
Liam will be in K2 at Park with Owen.)
Last Sunday we took Owen to Bengies
drive in theater for the first time.
The week before we went to see the
Bowie Baysox.

knitica said...

Happy Birthday blog-boy!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Robb! :)

- Isabel

ericaflory said...

happy birthday! i love readin yall's blog. i've never been to california, cept lax. yall go to so many wonderful places. keep up the healin process!

Lock Wench said...

Wow....look at those baby blues!

Happy Birthday, big fella. May all your wishes come true!

Lisa + Robb = Love

Gramatrick said...

Happy Birthday!

Wishing you a year full of baby and giant steps in the right direction, whatever that direction may be!

Laura Dew

---PJ (aka Bindle Babe) said...

Happy Birthday, Robb and may you have many happy returns of the day.

Maintain your attitude of gratutide and appreciation of the love you and Lisa share because both are an inspiration.

(aka Bindle Babe)

greg said...

Happy Birthday Robb!
We hope this coming year stays full of hope, good spirits (and beer), and fun outings for us to tag along on.

Of course your (travel) blog makes us extremely jealous of your seemingly constant outings into nature (though we know that's not the case). It also makes our home- sickness for CA all the greater.

Best wishes,
--greg & nicole

Anonymous said...

Happy happy birthday Robb!
Here's to you. Lisa and Gina having a great day of celebration. Much love for the next year!

Sheila and Neil

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to you-
Happy birthday to you-
Happy birthday dear Robb-
Happy birthday to you-

Happy, happy birthday from Anna and the kids!!!

Edwin & Virginia said...

Happy Birthday Robb, We are just catching up on all that has happened. We wish you all the best and will be thinking about you.

gaby said...

Hi Robb! Happy Birthday from rainy Seattle! You're rad. All the best!!

CrowGirl said...

Happy Birthday Robb!
Hope you have a wonderful day.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Robb! Hope your birthday's happy! Best wishes from one Leo to another!

Knit Wit

Lli said...

Hapy birthday! It is wonderful to read the good news and see the pictures of the beach and the creatures. So glad you can be out with them.

lisa said...

Happy Birthday Rob! Thank you for including me on your blog list and I am so happy to hear you are doing so well!! Hopefully since we aren't all together at Glimmerglass we can get together here and get you to some of the operas this year if you are interested. Hopefully I'll talk to you both sometime soon
love lisa anderson (the other lisa)

lisa said...

Happy Birthday Robb! Like everybody else I am so glad to hear that you are doing so well!! You are amazing! Hopefully we will be able to get together soon in the Bay area since we aren't all in beautiful Sunny camp Glimmerglass. Maybe get you 2 to some opera over here this year? Talk to you soon and have a great one! love lisa anderson

mimulus said...

happy birthday Leo Robb! We are birthday buddies because my birthday is August 9th, 1961.

I must admit it has been a bit of life challenge knowing Richard Nixon left the white House on August 9th (although that was a good thing, I loathe any assocaiation with tricky dick). But now I know someone else born on the same day!

Have a wonderful time indulging yourself, we are going out for fish tacos at my favorite taqueria and then catching Pirates of the caribbean...

would you be interested in one of my gees bend inspired wool blankies as a present? I would love to make you one. go look at http://www.flickr.com/photos/greenjewls/194441622/
to get an indea what they can look like.

Again, have a wonderful day, so glad to hear about all your progress and looking foward to BASS!

terri said...

A Birthday Horoscope for You!

A positive influence from Pluto will give you a surge of much needed energy and confidence today. You'll feel as though you can do anything. At some point through the day your ability to take control will prove to be a blessing, as you'll manage to prove just what a majestic sign you can be!

Here's to a year filled with positive influences and lots of opportunities to be majestic!

much love always

shiloh said...

Happy Birthday Robb !!!!!

Relax,don't worry, have a homebrew.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Robb from the Berkeley Rep Shop.

Ellen said...

Happy Birthday, Robb! I just read a bit of the blog to catch up and I say we both make RAGBRAI a goal!

My love to you and Lisa.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Robb!! We miss you over here. We hope to see you again soon!

Val, Suzanne, Karen and Eric

Donna said...

Happy Birthday Robb from Charm City , wishing you all the best today and everyday....onward,

Anonymous said...

More birthday wishes from another Leo - mine is in 4 days. Shall we share some cake at the BASS? You also share the same birthday as my Daddy!

-- Lea

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Robb. Despite the distance, you're always in my thoughts. Love Paul (your bro) and Zulay

Anonymous said...

Hey there, Robb and Lisa-

Happy Birthday Robb!

So, just how many people DO you know who are Artist-Leo's? Gary and I are both Leo's, Gary's b-day was on August the 4th, the same day as the Queen Mum. (That apparently means something if you are British. I don't see the royal family sending us a check, however. Tightwad bastards. Don't tell Gary I said that, his family's loyalty to the royals is pathalogical.)

Your birthday blog is rapidly turning into a Leo Club, but we will still talk to Lisa anyway, I remember she told me once she was a Scorpio.

Have a birthday beer, and don't get into too much drunken trouble, don't become a mean drunk and throw things at people out of your window, that's about all I remember from my 30th. (Turning 30 is a big thing for some women.)

Too bad you can't make a California beer to mark the occasion, brewed from the seaweed from off the beach. that would be a good goal for next year's b-day! I bet when you crack open a bottle of it you can hear the sea!

Congrats to the both of you-

Annalisa and Gary

mimulus said...

ok, i finally had some time to catch up on your doings and got filled in onthe ragbrai humor. i grew up in nebraska and my brother did ragbrai. i did not get the bke bug till further west adn did cycleoregon, but the most inspirational story i know was my housemate at the time margie, was a nurse on a kidney trasplant floor at OHSU. She was an avid cycler and had ridden cycle oregon many times. She had a transplant patient, who literally came in near death. Once he got his new kidney, he decided he needed to do something remarkable to honor the person whose kidney he had received. so he was inspired by margie to start bicycling (he previously was not a jock at all). Two years later he rode in cycle oregon and loved it!

anyway,it is a roudnabout way to say if ragbrai is in your future.(.or another bike tour closer to home to keep your carbon footprint small), then you are well on your way!

ZeitgeistMama said...

happy happy birthday! happy happy birthday!

love jennie, dave & cole

cindy said...

happy belated birthday robb!

i am so glad to continue to read about how well you and lisa are both doing... pocket watches, and bottles, and flowers all. wish i could have come for a visit with gina when she was there! my boyfriend lives out near sacramento, so the next time i'm in the 'hood, i hope you'll let me buy you both a drink!


Eclipse said...

Happy belated birthday! I look forward to getting to meet you at the BASS. :)


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