Sunday, August 06, 2006

Getting Around the Bay Trail

Since yesterday was for Robb, a rather exhausting day, we opted to take the wheelchair out on the San Leandro section of the Bay Trail to extend the amount of fun we could enjoy.

I have to say that this chair is the heaviest, most clunky, hateful device I could imagine. But Robb got to move at a normal walking pace, for the first time in a long time.

I'll be very happy when the new lightweight custom fitted wheelchair arrives. Robb thinks that the leg pieces for the current wheelchair weigh more than the entire new chair will.

Robb didn't use the chair for the entire afternoon, in any case. He did a fantastic job of walking on the rocky beach. He said that keeping his footing on the rocks and in the wind involved a lot of strategy and focus. But considering that a few months ago, Robb was moving at a snail's pace, and having difficulty negotiating city sidewalks with a walker, I couldn't be happier at how far he has progressed.

Gina took a break from wheeling Robb around to survey the seascape. She is standing on a huge wood and iron structure that seems to be a large chunk of a dock.

I'm always amazed at the things that wash up on our beaches.

The photo bellow shows the pocket watch I found, propped in front of some glass (perhaps someone's melted beer bottle).

And we got up close to nature.

Amazingly, we didn't see hundreds of Ground Squirrels, but this little fellow was almost too curious about us.

This was an orange variant of the House Finch.

I don't know what type of lizard this little fellow was. Quite large for a local lizard, and quite colorful.


ericaflory said...

i've never seen a squirrel that looks like that. all we have in nc is grey squirrels. he is cute! :)

Lisa and Robb said...

I always think those Ground Squirrels' markings look like pine cones.

This particular squirrel seemed to have learned the dangerous lesson that humans = treats. I hope he eventually unlearns this, and regains his natural caution.

knitica said...

What a cute lizard! I was just in Florida and saw Akbar and Jeff's cousins running around the hotel pool and puffing their dewlaps impressively. What a cutie! Sorry I can't identify him for you.


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