Thursday, August 24, 2006


Robb's new wheelchair was delivered on Tuesday, and as I hadn't managed to pack any food that morning, I came home for lunch. He and I walked down the stairs and we took the chair out on the sidewalk for a spin. (How fun! This chair is very nimble.) It doesn't look like much, although it does have a lovely prismatic candy-flake paint job (Robb opted not to get the American flag paint job).

I had the idea that when I got home in the evening, we could take the chair out and go for a walk. But in fact, Robb was totally exhausted because his muscles have been in spasm for days on end. We did get in a very short stroll around the neighborhood, but the hills were almost too much for Robb. Additionally, the foot supports seem to be a bit low, as they kept "bottoming out" on the pavement.

I got frustrated by this, which was bad.

One of the big, big life-lessons I've learned through this entire experience is that I have to keep an open mind, and be prepared to part with my pre-conceived views of "how things should be." I've learned a lot of humility, although I don't always have it when I really need it. I've learned the importance of remaining flexible, and adaptable.

This aborted outing with the wheelchair was another reminder of how I have to let go of my own expectations, and work with the situation at hand.


This is not always a negative lesson. The hearing with the Department of Motor Vehicles that I was dreading ended up being nothing more than an seven-minute telephone conversation. They will be sending Robb paper work so he start the process of learning to drive an adapted automobile.

That was a pleasant surprise.


Music Woman said...

Wahoo! Some welcoming news! I hope you continue to be on the up and up!

Music Woman

Anonymous said...

What??? No awesome photo of Robb in his new buggy?


Gothknits said...

wow...whoever thought the dmv could have good news?!

Can't wait to see the new ride. And the custom paint job too.


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