Saturday, June 10, 2006

Funny How Little Things Become Milestones...

Today, we drove down to San Jose for a party that Rebecca's parents were throwing for the newly married pair. Other than getting to spend time with Sten and Rebecca and having the opportunity to chat with Rebecca's delightful mother, this would have been no big deal, right?

Well, maybe not. Robb hadn't been on a car ride that lasted longer than half an hour. For the longest time, he did not have the "sitting tolerance" for anything longer. Sure, he had to recline his seat as if he were taking a snooze, which made for slightly...odd...navigating on his part, but, hey, a milestone is a milestone.

While we were down in San Jose, we did something that I haven't done in over four months, since Robb had his accident.

We washed the car. Oh, it needed it. The car was disgracefully and depressingly dirty. We have a weird clause in our lease that says we are forbidden to wash cars in front of the apartment, although I gather that I'm the only tenant who ever read this section of their lease. I'm sure my neighbors wouldn't "rat us out" if I did wash the car at home, but for whatever reason, I hadn't made the time. Just like I haven't found a moment to drag the wheelchair out of the back of the car.

I've always found this mesmerizing. It brings out my inner child, but I swear that as a kid, the car wash tunnels were way, way longer.

We also slipped in a bit of letterboxing on the way home. Or we tried to. Half of our target spots were closed, for one reason or another. But I was delighted by the way the purple trees matched the ghastly purple paint job on the childrens' museum.


Melissa said...

hi guys! Robb, glad to hear you managed the car trip okay!

the car wash always scared me when I was a kid. We stopped using them when my youngest was little because they absolutely freaked her out!!

do you know what kind of tree that is in your photos? reminds me of the jacaranda (sp?) tree in my front yard when I was growing up...

Anonymous said...

I took my car through the car wash this morning... I love to watch the puppy mash his nose on the windows trying to catch the soap and water!

Lisa and Robb said...

Gosh, I have no idea what type of tree these are. My not-very-good East Coast tree identification skills are a whole lot better than my West Coast tree knnowledge.

Robb still thinks i can tell him the names of all the wildflowers, and I just shrug and say, "I dunno. I'm not from California!"


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