Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Out With The Letterboxers

Blog readers have been hearing a lot about letterboxing, an activity that Robb and I were very involved with prior to his accident. For those who don't know about letterboxing, suffice it to say that it combines some of our favorite things -- printmaking, hiking, mental puzzles, and thing-making.

And of course, getting to meet cool like-minded people!

This weekend, a letterboxer I know online was visiting San Fancisco with her family, and so we gathered up some of the local 'boxers and all got togehter for a great Thai dinner. Nanci, our visitor was more of a host than a guest. She had all sorts of goodies for us, including some that she had the staff of the restaurant deliver. Here are Audrey and Emily, opening a dish of what they thoughts was going to be dessert, but what turned out to be a letterbox.

Nanci is the woman I mentioned previously who also had a big spine injury. She's great. And in addition to letterboxing, she's an avid rider. She even rides sidesaddle. How cool is that?

She is on the far right, next to Diane, who with her husband hid a special letterbox for Robb (the one with the snake). Lea is on the far left. (For those keeping track, that's Bandaid, Double Saj and Princess Lea)

And here are Aahz and Zairabear.

It was so nice to actually get a chance to spend time with people who have been sending such great energy our way! Thanks everyone for making time for this lovely get-together!


Lock Wench said...

Oh, you all look like you're having such fun! Wish I could have been there!

Princess Lea said...

I look like I'm asleep on the job! Audrey (aka Sleepy Cat) and Emily really enjoyed meeting Zairabear - they will be thrilled to see their picture posted online.

Lisa and Robb said...

In your other photo, it looked like you were smashing Diane in the face with a dish. I opted for the less violent image.


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