Thursday, April 27, 2006

Wiffle Ball!!!

Since Robb's energy is so limited, we try to maximize his fun.

Today, our scheduled activity was the Berkeley Repertory Theatre Indoor Wiffle Ball Tournament. Robb managed to last through five innings, before he pooped out.

Clearly, Robb is not able to swing a bat, if he still needs a cane for balance, but he was part of the little cheering crowd.

The Berkeley Rep scene shop has been working in a temporary shop this season, since our shop burned down this past summer.

We've been working in a former pet food store, which may have a certain charm, but really isn't a wonderful workplace.

The carpenters, however, have done an amazing job adapting the rules of wiffle ball for indoor play.

Another adaptation -- in our lives -- is that beer drinking has become a spectator sport. Robb can't have any alcohol, because of all of his medications, and I'm always the designated driver.

Luckily, we have a fine group of co-workers willing to pick up the slack for us.


Rosie said...

Rob - it's Rosie Goldman from Shakespeare in Hollywood. Terri (my current PSM at Cedar Lake in NYC)gave me the blog info and a preview of what I would read. Jon and I are really glad that you are ok and your story is hard to read but also inspirational. I hope that you continue to improve at your amazing pace (although I am sure it feels very slow to you). And know that you are in my thoughts. - Rosie

Lisa and Robb said...

Thanks, Rosie.

It's good to hear from you and to have confirmation once again that the world is *that* small!

My love to you and Jon.



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