Thursday, April 06, 2006

temper, temperate, temperature

Right after Robb's accident, Robb was having a lot of trouble regulating his temperature. Or it might be more accurate to say that he was experiencing extremes of temperature that had no relationship to his actual surroundings.

At first, he was often overheated and really wanted me to find him a small electric fan for his hospital room. By the time I gave up on finding a fan (in February) locally (fans were in use at the theater), and had determined to buy one online, his body switched to being cold all the time.

For the next few weeks, Robb had a blanket on his feet constantly. When Linguine came to visit in the hospital, she would snuggle up on this furry blanket and purr and purr.

Now, Robb is experiencing the actual room temperature, and Linguine has adopted Robb's blanket as her own.

She and I are very pleased about this development.

The bay area has actually had two beautiful sunny days in a row. Look at those therapy pictures, and you'll see sun streaming in our living room windows. I understand that in March, we had twenty-three days of rain. All this rain is particularly dreary when one is walking very slowly, and using a cane.

Another lovely improvement is that Robb can now laugh himself silly without any pain. Previously, any movement of his torso was agonizing, so I had to be super-careful not to make him laugh. Letters from Annalisa and Cyndie were impossibly painful... Thank goodness that's over!

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