Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Please Leave us a Message!

I'm quite busy with work, right now.

But we want to keep the blog lively. So, if you are reading the blog today, could you please write us a little message? It doesn't have to be eloquent, moving, or particularly witty. But do write something.

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Sten said...

Far be it from me to pass on an opportunity to post on "How's Robb." Though there is certainly no worries about eloquence from my end I'll do my best. I did however want to say "GO ROBB AND LISA!" I've recently been around lots of groups of people celebrating various things like show openings, birthdays, and all that kind of stuff. While all those accomplishments are worthwhile and the pats on the back are genuine they do pale in comparison to the daily joy of living. Whether that is getting my sorry ass out off the couch and going for a jog (me), relearning how to boil pasta (Robb) or walking to the voting booth the day after a masectomy (my mom) it is easy to forego celebrating every day and not just the milestones.

That does sound vaguely treacley. But what the hell, did I not promise a complete lack of eloquence?

In other news, you will be unsurprised to find out that movie stars who have never been on stage are rather hard to hear in the back of a 900 seat theater. And who comes to the rescue? Well, barring asking the actor to speak up (which never works by the way) it's me! Whee!

Anonymous said...

Poem 1-

I know this couple called Lisa and Robb-
they have been listing their life on a blog-
Robb had fallen on his ass-
yet he still seems full of sass-
before long he'll be up for a jog.

Poem 2-

Lisa and Robb have an interesting life-
lately they've had their share of strife-
Now he's moving around-
no more falling on the ground-
with his cleaning skills, he'd make a good wife.

Poem 3-

My poems, they sort of do suck
they might get better, if I get some luck.
Robb's lucky cause he's got a pal
who cares, cause she's a great gal
this is the last of my lines, cause I'm stuck.


Anonymous said...

Gee, I don't know if I can write such funny poems....but I would like to reiterate how often Neil and I think of you guys and all of your accomplishments. Reading about your achievements has become a part of our morning coffee.

You rock!!

Now how are we going to make some crafty project for the walker? Hot glue pom pom trim onto it??

Martha & Neil

Greg said...

I'm reading. Nicole jsut got back from the NSNA convention (National Student Nurses Assc.) which is being held in Baltimore this year, woo hoo!
I was just promoted to "Associate" at work, whatever that means.

Take care...

Donna said...

Course I will!!
SO..this blog is the first thing I have been checking each day. What are you guys going to do when Robb is all better??! :) You'll have to keep on writing and updating anyway! Now we are all hooked on it. YOU'VE TURNED US INTO ADDICTS!
Sending love, hope & healing from Baltimore , Donna

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa and Robb,

I have been kept well informed of Robb's progress through Bobbie. She does most of our corresponding. I think of you both often and know this is a life changing and growing experience. The old saying,"Life turns on a dime" is so true. We never expect some of strange things that happen. We are so glad that Robb is making such great progress and that you, Lisa, have had the chance to be off work and be with him. I know you will both become stronger and take the good from this experience and make more good.

Our lives are busy and filled with things to do.

It is frustrating to live so far from you both at a time like this. Your mom would be busy cooking things and we would be bringing them over and offering other acts of love for you both.

In my mid 20's, I was hit by a car while walking. I was hopitalized for several weeks and had lots of therapy and was off work several weeks. It injured my lower back , head and lower abdomin. I was very fortunate that the long term damage was a weak back. Mine was nothing compared to the rehab Robb is going through.

We are thankful that Robb is recovering and that you have each other to find your way through this difficult time.

We send you both lots of hugs and warm thoughts.



Doublesaj & Old Blue said...

We don't read blogs as a general rule. We're not sure where people get the time to puruse the internet in such ways, gulping down the hours like good wine. But this one, this blog, is like a class that one signs up for just for the heck of it and finds the teacher is a gem whose enthusiasm is addictive and whose wisdom has us meditating on our souls.

This blog has taught us that each moment of our life is a pebble that when dropped into the bottom of the tall pitcher, brings the water ever higher so we can see it more clearly. It's made us realize the most fortunate parts of our lives are things like ticklish feet and the ability to make sore our knees by scrubbing the kitchen floor.

This blog solidifies the oft spoken lines implying friendships are what make life sound and real and that those of us who have them, real friends, like the ones who bring home-cooked meals and make comical balloon statues and carve Phoenixs for us, could not be luckier even if we're feeling pain and are stuck in a fairly imobile position for just a short while (relatively).

Robb and Lisa, you might not have any idea how much of a positive, emotional and true impact your "situation" and your impressions of it as logged on this site, have made to those of us who read your words and view your photos, but, gosh and golly, it surly has. . .


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