Thursday, April 13, 2006

Oh, sure, NOW the sun comes out!

We had rain through most of Barbara and Jenny's visit. Now that they are gone, we suddenly have glorious weather.

I had hoped to take Jenny letterboxing, which is an activity that Robb and I were very much involved in, prior to his accident. For those of you not familiar with letterboxing, it is an activity almost custom-made for me and Robb. It combines printmaking, book binding, and occasionally carpentry with hiking and puzzle-solving. I stumbled on letterboxing just over a year ago, while Robb was busy with a show. I spent all my free weekends last spring hunting down art hidden in the Bay Area.

Sadly, letterboxing and sloppy weather do not go very well together. Instead of hunting out any local lettterboxes, I carved Jenny a personal stamp (the box turtle at the top of this posting), and advised Jenny and Barbara about where to hunt letterboxes back home.


knitica said...

wow, another great stamp image. You never cease to amaze me. You guys should post some of Robb's stamps too, which are also amazing.

Anonymous said...

If I send you a bunch of little t-shirts, will you stamp them for Lindsay to wear??



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