Monday, April 24, 2006

A Night off For the Blog

I'm tired, and don't have anything particularly clever to say tonight.

So, instead, I'll share the best bit of accidental composition I've ever been part of.

I was stalking egrets around Lake Merritt last September, and Robb shot this photograph. It makes me laugh every time I see myself being carried away by the giant birdie. Like something out of Sinbad the Sailor...


ZeitgeistMama said...

oh my god that's fabulous!

Anonymous said...

Oh you just made my day!! Now you have to try and do one w/ Mr. Firdusi and Robb.


Anonymous said...

I've heard birds got big in California, but this is really extreme! I was trying to think of a way to work a bird flu joke into this photo, but couldnt think of one.

It makes me wonder, what sort of sauce do birds eat us with when they have us for dinner? Maybe you are going to be fed to some tiny baby birdies in a nest? Or maybe the bird thought you fell out of one and was about to adopt you.

- Annalisa


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