Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Further Reading

To answer your questions, Robb has not in fact been laying on the couch and watching soap operas or Oprah all day long.

Our wonderful friends have been keeping us amused with a variety of books. Since Robb still has such limited energy this has been a great thing.

I scooped up what's on the bedside table, and this stack represents the kindness of Annalisa, James and Trena, Kara, and Greg and Nicole. Thank you so much, everyone!

In no particular order, the books we've recently read:

Join Me ("Stop raving about it and just let me read it for myself, Robb!")
Lenin's Embalmers
Cadillac Desert
Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World
Straight Man

and I, who have considerably less time, have been enjoying Kingbird Highway
and the National Geographic Reference Atlas to the Birds of North America

Thanks to James, even though we're not wearing maribou slippers and watching the soaps, we are eating far too many bon bons.


Aahz said...

Wow, I've never heard of anyone else who has read Join Me! I found it in a dollar bin about a year ago and couldn't put it down!

Lisa and Robb said...

I just started on Join Me last night. Pretty hilarious!

Anonymous said...

I got an ad to buy the National Geographic Reference Atlas to the Birds of North America, a while ago. I thought about getting it but I already have some very nice bird books. Is it really good? I mean as compared to some of the other really nice bird books out there as well?
- fPf

Lisa and Robb said...

That bird book is a keep-at-home book, because it is so big.

If you are looking for a bird book to carry with you, I think that the National Geographic Field Guide, or the Peterson's Field Guide, or the Sibley Field Guide are all very good.

Look at the books, if possible, before you buy. There are a lot of not-very-useful books out there!

knitica said...

Keep forgetting to tell you guys, I just read Michael Chabon's new book, "Summerland" it involves saving the world (all four worlds) and baseball. Really should have saved it for Cooperstown reading, but it was too good to wait!

Lock Wench said...

I'm in the middle of "The Book Thief" and am really enjoying it...

terri said...

Drinking and wiffle ball can be a dangerous combination - but drinking and book reading is far worse. It is good that you are abstaining.t

Anonymous said...

I knew it was a stay-at-home bird book. I was just wondering if it was a really good one that way, especially as compared to other stay-at-home types.

--- f P f

Anonymous said...

Since you guys are into reading stuff- I just found out that April 28th is "Poem in your Pocket Day" in NYC.

Apparently Mayor Bloomburg has announced its a poetry day to celebrate the "creative abilities" of the city's citizens. We woke up at 4 am yesterday because our cats scream for food about then, and so Gary and I lay in bed composing small ditties in honor of "poem day".

Like, for example, what sort of poem would a mob guy recite as he's wacking a guy? Or what sort of magic would spew from the lips of a cab driver using broken english? If I lived there I would recite something about the unique beauty of a NYC cockroach, the city's native wildlife.

For your reading pleasure, when your tired of books-

If I had a cockroach it would be green-
the coolest cockroach you'd ever seen-
It would have racing stripes of gold-
It would scamper and be bold-
My little bug, a nascar driver's dream.

- Annalisa
My poems are not getting better with time.


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