Sunday, April 30, 2006

Birds and Beast and Butterflies

This was a glorious weekend. I'm writing a light-hearted entry. We can't be serious all the time.

We took it easy on Saturday, and took a drive up to the Oakland Hills to enjoy the day, and also to check on a little letterboxing art project of mine.

Sunday was equally lovely. We drove down to Ardenwood Historic Farm, and enjoyed a visit with some delightful critters. I love sheep. Those horizontal pupils. Those soulful faces.

And maybe, when my mind is more at ease, I'll even start knitting again.

Robb used the wheelchair again, to conserve his energy and give us more funtime. We got a lot of attitude from blue birds. The normally-regal peacock seemed critical of us.

A feisty scrub jay was obliging in posing.

If you look across the color-wheel, the complimentary color to blue birds is, of course, the California poppy.

I can't seem to go out anywhere without hiding a little letterbox art. In this case, I wanted to make an object that related to the fact that Ardenwood is an overwintering site for Monarch Butterflies. If you think you might go hunting for this letterbox, don'

We also dropped back in on Coyote Hills, which is just down the road from Ardenwood. Robb got to see the adorable common yellowthroat birdie that I was so excited about last week.

And we went to the grocery store. We've been exploring non-alcoholic beer. Some are actually not too horrible.

Non-alcoholic Old Milwaukee? No thank you.

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