Saturday, April 15, 2006

...and her hair turned white, overnight

If you have read much trashy 19th Century literature, you will no doubt have run across an example of someone who suffers a terrible shock, and whose hair turns white overnight from the experience. Obviously, this is not possible since the hair on our heads is all dead, but the myth prevails. Annie Oakley is said to have gone white overnight. (Another version of this story has her hair turning white after too much time in a mineral bath at a European spa.) Likewise, Sir Thomas More and Marie Antoinette were reputed to have gone white the night before their executions.

A few years back, I had parts of my head shaved for some minor surgery, so I know exactly the rate at which my hair grows.

Literary conventions aside, I have an astonishing crop of white hairs that exactly coincide with the date of Robb's accident. Stress? You betcha!


terri said...

Picturing you with white hair . . .bride of frankenstein? or Pepe Le Pew?

love you!

Anonymous said...

Well, ok, so now you've gone white overnight, you freak. The only thing good about it is that Robb can't easily go chasing after younger looking women now to replace you. And if he tries, he's not gonna go fast, or get far.
I always thought it looked sort of cool to have streaks of different colored hair, the only thing now left to do is to invent a much more interesting story to explain the hair color change. Tell people you've had a really bad alien abduction, for example. Or you've dyed it for an upcoming episode of "California Theater Survival". Or you dyed it to match your cat. You get the idea. - Annalisa

Leslie Martinson said...

the explanation I have heard is that the white hair was already there, lurking on your head, but cunningly disguised by other, older dark hair. The stress makes the older hair fall out, and voila, white hair overnight.

isn't it amazing the trivia one's mind retains.

your grey-headed friend, Leslie M.


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