I went back to work today. Robb has good enough mobility for me to feel comfortable leaving him at home alone. He has a parade of therapists tromping through, most days. And we have several neighbors in our building who work from home. Today, for example, the people came to install shower grab-bars (Robb currently showers in his brace, sitting on a shower chair), and Robb telephoned one of our neighbors to let the workmen in. At this point in his recovery, he cannot walk stairs unsupervised.

One show has opened at the Berkeley Repertory Theatre while I've been taking care of Robb, and the carpenters are loading in the scenery for another one. Kim, who has been covering for me, and all the other painters have done wonderful work. I'm sort of sad not to have been able to paint the current set, as the designer is one of my all-time favorites. Of course, I'll be working on the part of the painting that happens once the show is installed in the theater, but that's mostly just odds and ends.

Robb had a busy day. He vacuumed, and did the dishes, unsupervised. Now, before you start laughing, what I mean is that Robb didn't have anyone watching his "body mechanics" as he performed these activities. He has been doing chores with his occupational therapist, and she's happy with how he uses his body, his awareness of balance and lifting issues, and his compliance with what the doctors call his "spinal precautions." (Those are "dangerous no-no's" to you and me.)

Robb had both the occupational therapist and the physical therapist today. When I came home, I was told that I had just missed Robb's juggling. I assumed that Robb and Doreen were pulling my leg, but actually this turned out to be a good balance exercise. Robb stood without his leg braces, and juggled, which involves concentrating on a point in space in front of and slightly above his face. Remarkably, he was in pretty good practice, and Doreen could concentrate on "spotting" Robb's balance, not chasing balls around the living room. (By the by, those are the juggling balls you gave him back in Baltimore, Derek.)

After I determined if Robb had been juggling clubs or balls, I had Doreen show me how she intertwined her arms with Robb's while he juggled. Between Monster Therapy and juggling, I'll bet Doreen doesn't get too bored when she works at our house!


Gina said…
Speaking of juggling, check out this wonderful little example (the music is really essential to the experience, so turn up your volume). It actually made me tear up a bit (I'm so sentimental) and I was thinking of you, Robb!

Tell you therapist that you're goal is to be able to do this by the end of the week!


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