We have been stymied by the fact that nobody has been able to locate a urologist who accepts Workers' Compensation insurance. Our case managers have been working hard on this puzzle, and today Nicole offered some help.

But it looks like the nurse practitioner that Robb saw today may have cracked this nut. We had gone in, primarily to address some urology issues, and when we told her about our doctor-insurance situation, she lept into action. After much calling around, and discussion, she located a doctor that they are going to refer us to, and hopefully (fingers crossed everyone) this doctor will see Robb.

Otherwise, the visit with the nurse practitioner went very smoothly. In fact, it was like a party in the examining room, with Robb, the nurse practitioner, our case worker and me, all crammed in together.

After that appointment, we swung by the nursing station to bring flowers to the wonderful nurses and therapists who had done so much for Robb. It was a wonderful reunion, and everyone was thrilled to see Robb walking with the cane. It was also remarkable how many people asked after Linguine (who has a picture on the bulletin board). This was a delightful visit.

When we got home, Robb rested and then we had dinner before Doreen arrived for another physical therapy session. She and Robb worked on a lot of bed-based exercises, under the watchful stare of Mister Firdusi. They also worked on balance, which is a strange thing for Robb. Since he can only feel the very back part of the bottoms of his feet, he says that when he closes his eyes (which is what they were doing in part of the exercises), he feels like he is standing on a edge of a ledge. He feels like he is off-balance, but in fact he is not. But what is more interesting is that the muscles in his feet are correcting his balance. So, even though he cannot feel these muscles, they are still working for him.


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