Thank You...

...Martha and Neil for the beautiful sheets. The colors are perfect. Robb was remarking how great it is to have a sister with such a great aesthetic sensibility. Thanks for everything else that you two have done, particularly for letting me vent over the phone.

...Michael for the comic books. We are both getting a lot of enjoyment out of them. Now, where do we get the issues that wrap up the stories?

...Dave and Jennie for the hilarious Cat-apult and the delicious chocolates. You guys crack us up!

...Gina for the beautiful "welcome home" roses. You're so kind. How was your drive?

...Lisa and Mike for the grocery money. You are so thoughtful to help us out with this.

...Everyone at UC Berkeley for the basket of treats. Do you want to come over and help us eat them?

and to everyone else who has sent kind wishes to us for Robb's recovery.

Here's Today's Featured Card

From F.P. Fiona! Another lovely hand carved image. This was a Valentine's Card, in case you couldn't tell!

(Sorry this photograph is a little crooked.)


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