So, what's new?

Not surprisingly, there is a direct correlation between my return to work, and a slow-down at the blog. Things are about as busy as they possibly could be at Berkeley Rep.

It is hard to imagine that eight weeks have gone by since Robb's accident. I find myself thinking about time in terms of pre- and post-accident.

Tomorrow, Robb goes for a follow up visit with his neurosurgery team. An appointment date was written on the paper work that accompanied his discharge from Highland Hospital, but what he learned it that this in no way indicates that they actually scheduled this appointment. Nor does the fact that there are directions for us to get particular xrays prior to this appointment mean that anyone at the neurosurgeon's office can tell us how to go about getting these xrays. I find it difficult to reply to secretaries who answer the question "How do we go about scheduling an xray?" with, "Wow. That's a good question."

Thank goodness we have two tenacious case workers helping us through this process.

On Wednesday, Robb had a visit from a California Occupational Health and Safety Administration (CalOSHA) safety engineer. CalOSHA was collecting information for the report on Robb's accident. The representative from CalOSHA was a very nice man, from Goa, India. He has been in the United States for one year, and is finding adapting to American English something of a challenge. Spanner? That's British for wrench.

Also on Tuesday, Robb walked further (using his cane) than he has to date. He and his physical therapist Doreen walked from our apartment, down to Lake Merritt, rested on a bench and then walked home. Our apartment is on the top of a very steep hill, and Robb seemed to have no particular trouble with this. of course the whole excursion took an hour, but I find this really impressive, considering it was only three weeks ago that Robb took his first steps using a cane.

Robb was joking that he seems to have had a "growth spurt." He and Doreen haven't worked on toe strength recently. This, if you recall, is otherwise known as Monster Therapy. Robb works on strength, dexterity and sensation by attempting to pick up rubber finger puppets in the shape of monsters. Up until today, picking up monsters with the toes of his right foot was very difficult, and he was lucky if he could manage to pick up a single monster. Today, he picked up all five.

See? We're getting back to our so-called normal life!

Thank you!!!!!

Thank you to Annalisa for her delightful package of goodies from NYC.

Kim, who has been covering for me since the accident, is returning to Los Angeles to take care of her own life issues. Thanks so much, Kim! You really helped me out during this difficult time.

Thanks, too, to all the other painters who did such a lovely job on the shows in my absence.

And thank you to everyone who continues to send notes. We got a rather amusing card from a regular blog reader, but cannot thank them personally because they chose to remain anonymous.


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