Neurosurgery appointment, revisited

Yesterday I wrote,"An appointment date was written on the paper work that accompanied his discharge from Highland Hospital, but what he learned it that this in no way indicates that they actually scheduled this appointment."

We learned today that just because we have an appointment scheduled with one of the surgeons from Robb's neurosurgery team, it doesn't actually mean that a single doctor will be in the office the day of this scheduled appointment.


We saw a physicians' assistant, who wrote down our questions. We hope to get a phone call from on the the surgeons on Monday.

We did get the xrays. The curvature of the spine looks very smooth and uninterrupted, and Robb's crushed vertebra is back to normal size. (In the "before" pictures, it had looked like a marshmallow that someone had stepped on.)

Robb got to see images of the hardware in his back for the first time. I had drawn pictures for his, but I think he understood it all better by seeing the xrays.


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