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I think that some people have been having problems leaving us messages through the blog. I believe that all you have to do is click on the word "comments" at the bottom of the current posting (this word should be green), and that will take you to another page where you can write us a note. If you click on the picture of the envelope, that sends me an email message, but it doesn't post to the blog.

You'll be asked to "choose an identity." You can sign in as anonymous. But please sign your message so we know who you are.

In case you can't tell, we're getting a bad case of Cabin Fever. Ashley was going to visit this morning, but we were having a bad morning, and weren't fit for company. We're a bit lonely, and that's not good for either of us.

If you want to call, our numbers are:

510-663-751xx home
510-299-32xx lisa mobile
510-299-32xx robb mobile

Of course, we can't always come to the phone. Sorry.

(The images on the little letter at the top of this posting are hand carved rubber stamps that I made of the different animals that might bring a Special Delivery.)


Derek said…
I left a longer comment with the post from a few days ago, but I'll leave one here as well.




Kim said…
here is a site your kitties might enjoy..
not if I can manage a hyperlink

Very cool link, Kim!

And close to my heart, as it seems to combine feline insanity, Hungarian ethnicity, a love for the eccentric and the DC suburbs, where I grew up.

Anonymous said…
I tried to leave a comment before - but I think it turned into an email. So I am testing out your instructions --- looks much better this time!

Fairy Princess Fiona

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