Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Home Sweet Home

Five weeks after the accident, Robb comes home today, to start the next phase of his recovery.

I know that we'll be learning a lot during this time. I just hope that I have the grace and energy to do everything that needs to be done. Everyone keeps telling me things like "make sure you take time for yourself," but I don't really see how that is to be done.


Terence Keane said...

YEE-HA! Welcome home sweet home, Robb.

Gothknits said...

Welcome Home!

ZeitgeistMama said...


knitica said...

yaaaaaayyyyyy! Welcome home, Robb! The kitties missed you; they told me so.

ajt said...

i'm so glad you'll get to both be back at the homestead. this means no'r[maipppppppppppppppp
sorry- cat on the keyboard.
normal food! and a new bed! and, yes, many changes and challenges, but you can at least make a cup of tea and sit together and listen to npr with the fuzzy ones.


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