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Well, we're home. We've got a lot of catching up to do. The medical supply company didn't deliver all the things that were ordered, so I was on the phone with the insurance company this morning. Thankfully, the insurance company has been wonderful, and are going to raise hell on our behalf.

Missing from our order:

A tray for Robb's walker. At the moment, Robb's "spinal precautions" do not allow him to carry anything.

A new walker. The one that the insurance company paid for had obviously been used. Grass stains on the wheels, scrapes all over the place, green paint on the bars. I don't particularly care that this is used, except that someone was billed for a new walker.

A single-point cane.

A seat pad for his wheel chair.

The grab bar for the shower. (Also, the shower adapter that was sent doesn't fit, but if I can find a wrench, I've got a better adapter that I bought at Bed Bath and Beyond. The thing I bought actually cost less and has more features than the one from the medical supply company. Go figure.)

The trip to the pharmacy was a bit of an adventure, too. Sigh.

Robb and I are having to learn to sleep together, again. He's a very, very restless sleeper, and I ended up going out to sleep on the couch at 2:30. That wasn't much better, as the kitties all tried to jam themselves on the couch with me, too. Niobe decided that if I was going to sleep on my side, she would perch on my shoulder. Not comfortable. I came back the our bedroom around dawn, and slept fitfully for the next few hours.

In happier new, Rehab Without Walls is due at our apartment, any minute. They will be doing an assessment with Robb, and formulating a plan for the next phase of his therapy. All the therapists at CPMC are very impressed with this organization.


Gina said…
Hang in there, woman - these first few days will be the toughest, but it WILL get easier. . . is there anything we can send you that will make your life easier?

Cool knitted drawstring bags for Robb to hang off his walker until his tray comes?!?!

Name it and it's yours!

Love and strength to you,


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