Getting Settled...told in no particular order

Things have improved since Wednesday morning. Our insurance company put the squeeze on the medical equipment supplier, and they delivered a new walker, and a proper cane this afternoon.

Robb met with Marcella, from Rehab Without Walls. She will be his occupational therapist as well as our case manager. It turns out that Robb gets about twenty hours of therapy a week. This is stunning. We were expecting five hours a week.

Robb washed the breakfast dishes, and assembled the shower chair (his balance is still too tenuous to allow him to shower standing up), with Marcella looking on. That's the funny thing about occupational therapy, it is all about doing the normal things you do in life. They also worked on getting around the apartment, and on Robb's balance. Marcella filled out a lot of paperwork, as well.

While Robb was working with Marcella, I ran out and got some groceries. I got all the way to the store before I realized that I didn't have my wallet. I also locked myself out of the apartment when I ran down to meet the UPS guy. I had to ask to borrow his mobile phone to call Robb and ask him to throw the keys out the window. I didn't sleep much last night. And I've had a headache for two days. Stress....

Ashley came by after work, and helped me assemble our new bed. She also brought a wrench, and helped me with the new shower head. I couldn't have put the bed together by myself. And goodness only knows where our wrenches are at the moment.

Thank you, Ashley!!!!!!

I still haven't gotten all of Robb's medications. The pain killers are so heavily regulated that the pharmacy has to put in a special order for them. Crazy. I hope to get them by Thursday, but I wouldn't be surprised if they arrive later than that. Luckily, Robb hasn't really needed them, yet. Robb counted, and he's taking fifteen pills every day.

Dominique has been dropping by, offering lots of good spirits. She hung out with Robb yesterday when I went to the pharmacy, and stopped by again tonight.

Our apartment is still in a state of flux. We haven't figured out the best way to arrange things for Robb. The cats love jumping in and out of all the boxes on the floor, so at least some of the residents of this apartment are enjoying the current state of chaos.

I'm really tired. I know I'm forgetting a lot of things. But they'll have to wait.


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