Finding Our Pace

Yesterday, I think we tried to have a normal (pre-accident) day, and maybe that was a mistake. At the hospital, there wasn't much to do other than therapy or resting I think Robb may have tried to do too many things at home, and got overtired and rather upset at the end of the day. We talked about all of this, and decided to really slow down.

They warned us about this at the hospital, but of course we had to find out for ourselves.

I'm still running around, trying to find ways to make Robb's life run more smoothly.

Robb took his first shower at home. I still need to figure out how to get him a haircut. He hates the way he looks right now. If he were trying to look like a 1790's "Incroyable," he would be doing a great job, hair-wise. (And darn it, I can't find a good picture of this style!)

On Friday, Robb will have another session of occupational therapy. They've planned a trip to Trader Joe's. (For once, I won't be in that store dressed in paint clothes!) We'll see what shopping in a large crowded store while using a walker is like.

Rehab Without Walls sent a social worker over today. She asked a lot of questions, and started to get to know us.


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