Featured Card -- Wednesday

This is from Abby, Tim and Satchell.

Abby wrote something that I thought was so funny. "Did you know that Lisa can walk briskly across a gravel parking lot, look down and instantly find a piece of gravel with an amazing fossil in it?!? She can! I've seen her do it two times! She's some kinda fossil/gravel savant!"

Heh. That sums me up so well.... My Super Hero Power is Pattern Recognition. I can find four leaf clovers like nobody else, and see mistakes in stencilling, but it isn't good enough for the Justice League of America.


Bobbie said…
Amazingly enough there must be a gene for four leaf clover finding. Your Grandma Adams could find enough in about 10 minutes in her back yard to fill a small vase that she kept especially for them on her kitchen window. Obviously this talent was passed to you.

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