Saturday, March 04, 2006

cute, or just demented?

Abby commented that we seem to have a lot of pictures of cats' tongues on this blog, and wondered about the connection to butter.

This past christmas morning, we made a fancy breakfast, and gave the cats their favorite foods.

Niobe got butter

Linguine got steamed milk

Firdusi got peas and corn, but wasn't an obliging model, so he's not included in this blog entry.

And in case we haven't blurred the distinction between cute and demented quite enough, here is another photo of baby Linguine and her sister sleeping inside a tomato cage on the porch of Pinehurst Farm.

And here is one more baby picture of Linguine on the farm. That's Robb and Terri, cuddling Linguine and one of her siblings in the front yard. That's just plain cute.

Sorry if this is too much for y'all. I thought we might have needed a break from the discussion of things medical for a moment or two....

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