An Afternoon Stroll

Robb and I went out for another walk along the Oakland shoreline today. Although it was a very pleasant walk, I can't help thinking about how a twenty minute walk at what Robb calls "zero miles an hour" is not much, considering that we used to be such avid hikers. Here's hoping that things continue to improve, that Robb gets his strength and stamina back, and that we eventually return to a more normal lifestyle.

The birds were out, although not in great numbers.

How can you not love an animal called a Bufflehead? We also saw American and Eurasian Widgeons, which also have great names. Likewise Cinnamon Teals.

Robb walked a little bit on the grass, but had to keep a sharp look-out for ground squirrel holes. Prior to today, he had only walked on pavement.

All you East Coasters read that correctly, these guys live in holes in the ground. They're really charismatic, and have markings that make me think of pinecones. (Not so clear in this particular photo.)


Bobbie said…
Thanks for the reading lists. I didn't know Barbara Kingsolver had a new book out.

Have either of you read Shadow of the Wind? I, for one, thought it was wonderful. Almost as good as Mistress of Spices.
Derek said…
While I appreciate how this ordeal has left both of you drained physically and mentally, there's really no excuse for publishing lies.


God lord!

Lisa, I don't know if you've been dipping into Robb's painkillers, but this absurd fantasy about burrowing squirrels is clearly the product of sleep deprivation and some dangerous combination of hallucinogens and herbal tea.

Otherwise, I was excited to read that Robb is walking at the break-neck... err... scratch that... the speedy pace of 0 miles an hour. I don't need to remind both of you that this would be impossible. 0.01 mph? Maybe. Look, he’s not just standing there, letting the earth’s ceaseless rotation move him east to west.

Robb is moving faster than the earth spins, and that's pretty damn good all things considered. He is moving!

He will walk faster and faster each day (0.02 mph... 0.07 mph... 0.13 mph... 17.2 mph!). If I know Robb, he'll come out of this better off than he was before the accident. All of this physical therapy will help him discover some new way of walking that will eventually revolutionize walking as we know it.

That's Robb for you. He’ll brag about his skills with a cane or laugh about how the metal in his spine gives the airport security guards head-scratching fits.

He’ll turn all of this into a reason to exclaim what Isabel and I think of as Robb’s catch phrase.


Please update us on all the ways he has remodeled the things in his life so that they work better and make more sense. To quote a modern (post-modern?) dictionary, tell us how he has "macgyvered" things.

Thanks for all of the "amazing" photos, Lisa. It’s great to see the boy up and about. The cane makes him a dandy!

Be well.


You guys called me out on my frightful overuse of the word "amazing."

Oh you should have seen Robb's hospital bed! He had everything he needed tied to the bars of the bed with grosgrain ribbon (thank you Hoolia). He re-styled his brace with his new Leatherman (thanks Joan and Bob). Yeah, Robb's not lost his McGyver sensibility!

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