Sunday, February 19, 2006


I slept late for the first time since the accident. I spoke with Robb's sisters and Peter, did household tasks, and ran errands. Robb's parents were tourists today, but got caught in cold rain. Robb had a busy day with his therapists.

Robb had a great time with his physical therapist, Susan. She is so tuned into her work, that she walks through life, looking for challenges. She and Robb worked on walking on ramps without using the walker. She found a part of the building that had a ramp with wall-railings, but also had the challenge of interruptions in the railings. Robb stumbled a bit, but he says that this is a good thing. Every sign of weakness helps the physical therapists to figure out his strengths, as well as what he needs to work on.

In occupational therapy, Robb worked on simple tasks, like folding sheets. He stood for quite a while, and noticed -- oddly -- that his left leg (the "healthier" leg) was the one that was getting weak and shaky.

Later, in another session with Susan, they figured out that even though the right leg has less sensation and control, it still has stronger large muscle groups. Robb is right hand, and it would seem, right leg dominant.

While walking around the room, Robb was really exhausted, and his hips were sort of collapsing and swaying as he walked. Susan told him, "I don't know you. You may in fact be a super model, but just this once, try not to walk like one."

Susan is offering really valuable feedback on the mechanics of walking, and what Robb needs to do to adapt to his particular deficits at this moments.

Robb did "mat work" with a variety of tools, like large elastic bands, and rubber balls. This is more what he thought he would be doing when he first envisioned physical therapy. Robb has commented several times that the therapists use a lot of scenery and props in their work. He has been working on step units, and platforms.

Robb seems to have settled into a rhythm. He says he has very big challenges throughout the day in therapy, but gets time in his room in between to rest up for the next session. He has taken to leaving his brace on so he can be ready to go at a moment's notice.

Ashely visited tonight, as did Kate and Matthew. Matthew is also known as "the guy on the other ladder." He was the witness to Robb's accident, and hadn't seen him since. Thank you all for stopping by. We really enjoyed your company, as well as the diversions and treats. We ate the guava, but had to ask the nursing staff what it was we were eating.

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