Friday, February 03, 2006

A Busy Friday

Today was an eventful day. The big news is that Robb was well enough to move out of the Transitional Care Unit into a regular hospital room. More on that later...

We saw our surgeons three times. Robb is no longer on an IV. He is still getting muscle relaxants and pain killers, and it is so nice to be free of the tubes.

The nursing staff continues to be nothing short of wonderful. They are so professional and caring, and are really nice people. The nurses in the TCU are responsible for just three patients, and work twelve hour shifts, so we see a lot of them.

Robb had his second session of physical therapy. He wore his brace, and with the therapist's assistance, actually got out of bed and into a chair, where he worked with the therapist, and also gave himself a proper shave. (I'm a lousy barber.)

We also saw several of our social workers, and I did my first visit to a potential Rehabilitation Facility. I'm hoping the go see more facilities this weekend, because we understand (as of this afternoon) that the plan is to transfer Robb to a rehab facility on Monday.

Friends Galore

Today, Julia brought lunch and home baked brownies for the nursing staff. We tried a couple of the brownies, just to be certain that they really were delicious. Julia brought a lovely fresh lunch, and loads of fun stuff. Thanks Julia! Thanks Kitty!

The hospital seems a little confused about what Robb eats. We met with the dietician, and told her that Robb is a vegetarian, and that he eats eggs and dairy. So, lunch arrived with a big "vegan" label, and had quite an assortment on non-vegan food. No matter. We ate Julia's yummy lunch.

Ashley stopped by for a nice visit in the afternoon, and Kelly Kelley and Christopher brought an amazing dinner, as well as magazines and goodies. We have been enjoying these visits so very much.

Every meal seems to come with a pat of butter.

All of the nursing staff has been admiring the beautiful flowers that have been sent to Robb. Thank you Mom and Diana. Thanks Dave, Steve, Cindy and Neil. Thanks Ashley. Thanks to the University of California. Thanks also to Madelyn for the balloons.

Thank you everyone who has sent cards and positive thoughts. This means so much to both of us.

We have beautiful sunsets in Oakland. This is the view from Robb's room in the Transitional Care Unit. That shimmer on the right side of the horizon is the San Francisco Bay.


The doctors decided that Robb was well enough to be moved out of the Transitional Care Unit. Robb now has a room mate, but the floor seems quiet, and the nurses are very nice. I left him around 9:30, after he had settled into his new room.

Sweet Dreams...


Anna and the kids said...

Such a busy Friday is right-- and all good stuff. I'm thinking about you both-- thanks for sharing Robb's phenomenal progress.

Isabel said...
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Isabel Letsch said...

Lots of good news. I'm so glad!

Derek & Isabel


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