Saturday, February 25, 2006

Around Town

On Friday, Robb went on another outing. This time, he and his room mate, their occupational therapist, their physical therapist, and their recreational therapist all bundled off to the Arboretum at Golden Gate Park. Robb estimates that he walked between a quarter and a half a mile with his walker. He also got to disrupt traffic. He was crossing the street, and watching the "countdown" sign on the crosswalk. He got as far as the median strip, and the light turned against him. A motorcycle cop who had been waiting at the light stopped traffic motioned Robb to keep crossing. He and Robb chatted the whole time that Robb was crossing, and Robb got across the street just as the light was changing again. All the cars had to wait through another cycle to go through their light.

Robb had his usual series of therapies and extras. Since Robb has so little sensation on the bottoms of his feet, the accupuncturists were able to put needles into a very powerful spot that they are usually never able to access. Apparently, this is a horribly painful area on most people. Robb says this shot an electric jolt straight up his leg into his hip joint.

Robb and I live up two flights of stairs. That's forty four steps, including landings. He finally made his goal of walking up and down forty four step, using his cane. Wahoo!!!!


Derek said...

Congratulations, Robb. This experience sounds like some sort of guerilla theater, you know?

I am glad you made it up the steps, too.

rbaueresq said...

ROBB:Wonderful news since Mom and I have been home. 44 steps up and 44 steps down seemed impossible in the short time you have been at Davies. Your guts, determination and boundless ambition with all the cheering and prayerful support from your Lisa,adoring fans, friends, family and,with the main ingredient added, the unbelievably wonderful Davies Hospital staff, have mastered the impossible and have earned our undying gratitude. What started out as dreadful apprehension has been turned into daily cheering as we get each days blog. Everybody, please keep up all your good works, whatever they may be and pass on our gratitude to all who do not see the blogs.

Paul Bauer said...

Thinking of you especially as I lay awake in bed trying to sleep at night. Just thrilled you're progressing so well. Love you my brother. Zulay prays for you!

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you nightly as I lay in bed - thrilled you are progressing so well. Love you my brother. Zauly prays for you!


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