Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Are we obsessed with Food?

I don't know.... Would you all prefer to read about something else?

This was part of last night's dinner. There was also soup, and fresh fruit. Comfort food. (And the Swiss Chard was possibly the best we had ever had.)

No more plastic forks and spoons going in the landfill!

And this is just weird. The text on the milk carton says "Cross out the things Sally shouldn't use to dry her hands with." Sally doesn't even seem to have hands in this drawing.


Isabel Letsch said...

Yes, Sally looks like she has water droplets for hands...;)

ZeitgeistMama said...

food is good! you know you live in a great place when even the hospital food is tasty...

says the displaced san franciscan longing for a home where the height of culinary prowess ISN'T the 'garbage plate'


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