Working with the Sirs


There's been a long silence on the blog because I've been buried in work. Berkeley Rep (where I'm in charge of painted scenery) is producing the pre-Broadway run for No Man's Land, starring Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen.  As you may imagine, we've all been very busy with this project. Very busy and very excited.

The set is beautiful, and rather huge compared to what we've been doing lately.  We've filled our regular workspace, and have pushed out into the as-yet-undeveloped warehouse, just outside of the rehearsal hall.  It's quite uncanny to work in ear-shot of such famous voices.  The weather has been lovely, and so all the painters have been eating lunch outside which just coincidentally is where all the actors have their lunches.  Imagine that.  How strange that such famous artists would want to eat at the next table to ours.

In truth, we don't interact with the actors much at all.  Nodding hello is about as chummy as we get.  And this seems to be the correct choice, as we've heard through the grapevine that they're savoring their quiet time at Berkeley Rep; it gives them the privacy to work in a safe, unguarded setting. 

As for me, I'm hugely proud of my team's work on the show, and am relieved that onstage rehearsals are starting soon.  I've been working terribly long hours, and am worn out.  I've got a new Fellow (a fancy way of saying "intern") who seems entirely lovely.  And I won't lie. I'm looking forward to October, when I can finally take a bit of a vacation.  The last two years of work have been grueling.


Anonymous said…
Wow, two of my favorites! Wish I lived locally to catch the production (including the scenery!).
Debbie said…
I love these two actors. I would be so star struck. Glad you will be able to rest soon. I think you have a very interesting and exciting job.
Bask in this sunshine, Lisa--figuratively and literally!
Amber said…
I am so bummed I don't get to see the show! By the time they went on sale to the public it was sold out =o(
Alas, this show has a very limited run and tickets were in short supply.

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