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Sometimes you've just got to admit that you were wrong.  In my case, I have to admit that my decision to paint our garden fence red was a poor one.  While this particular color of red is commonly used for fences around here, it just looked odd in our back yard.  So, I've started painting the red pickets a pale yellow.  Robb had the idea to keep the fence posts red, and of course he was right about this.

I just couldn't see it until we'd gone ahead and painted things the wrong color. 

Oh well.  It's not like I haven't repainted anything before.  Painting and then repainting is pretty much what I do for a living.

If I'm being entirely honest, I have to admit that the red was the second color that I painted those pickets.  Originally, I chose a dark purple-grey that seemed like a really good idea.  The dark would recede into space, and the purple would vibrate off of the green garden plants.  In reality, the color looked dirty and boring, and clashed with everything on our little garden.

Those red fence posts look good, don't they?  Please ignore the World's Ugliest Wall, and our denuded garden, and focus instead on our adorable chicken coop and mammoth rosemary bush.

Robb has designed a very clever modular fencing system, where each of the panels are removable.  This gives me very good access to the entire garden.

Let's just hope that this fence keeps our Houlligan Hens out of my vegetable garden.  So far, they're too silly to realize that they can fly right over.  Our daft hens don't have the brain power to understand what wings are for.


Anonymous said…
That section idea is wonderful! I like the colors you decided on. Looks great.
Michelle said…
I love the colors! Ugh, what a lot of work to paint the fence, not just once, but twice. I don't know that I would have had the fortitude to do it over again.

You have dumb chickens and I have lazy deer, they could easily jump my front gate and find lots of yummy things to munch, but they don't, at least for now... Unfortunately the little birds discovered the leafy greens in my garden and pecked a lot of them to shreds before I covered them up. Gads, if it's not one critter it's another!
kristin said…
I like the effect of the combination of colors. Neat. Clean. Unordinary. Aside: if they fly over, it's easy to trim one wing so they can't do that.
Michelle -- I paint professionally, so it's not a huge deal for me. I will freely admit that my own house is not properly painted, because it's hard to get motivated to paint after a full day of painting at work.
Kurious Jo said…
The turquoise on the coop really sets off the whole color scheme. Looks great you guys.

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