A Full House


You would never know it from reading the blog, but we've had flurry of visitors. Robb's parents were out from New York, and my former assistant Sheri came down from Oregon on her spring break to work with me. This work-year has been a particularly hectic one, so I wasn't able to spend the kind of time I would have liked with Robb's folks.

Of course, I totally failed to take any photos during the visits. I'm really bad at photographing people.

This was the first time that any of Robb's relatives had seen our little house. I do hope that they approved.

Given the amount of snow that Joan and Bob have had to endure this winter, our rainy weather might not have seemed so bad. Sheri, who is living in Portland, soaked every second of sun. And everyone went home with a bag-full of lemons from our backyard tree.

Somehow, I managed to catch a cold, and was a shambling mess on the last few days of Sheri's visit. This morning, I wandered out to the compost pile, and came back waving a plum branch that had fallen in one of the storms.

This one slim branch had something like two dozen baby plums, growing on it. Even if only a fraction of these plums mature, we're likely to have a beautiful harvest. How very delightful.


Anonymous said…
Make sure you get a good book about fruit tree trimming... it's an art.

When Gary and I lived in Michigan we took control over about 15 overgrown fruit trees.. and trimmed those suckers WAAAYYY down- they produced fabulous fruit. Ever since then I don't worry about fruit laden branches blowing off or breaking off. It "self trims" the tree and is good for them, as long as it didn't rip of too much of the bark from the main torso of the tree. I'm sure you learned about this in your fruit grafting classes.. wish I had taken a class in it myself. Our lonely peach tree died and I think this year we replace it with a Fuji or Stamen apple tree... both great for baking pies. Did you get the apple pie recipe I emailed you?

Glad you had company- weather here is sucky- it got cold all over again. We went from almost 80 degrees during the day down to 35. Now its at 20 during the night again... I had spring on my brain. Living here in Pennsylvania, if I see Puxtawney Phil (That Lying weasel of a spring-weather predicting groundhog) I'm gonna run him over several times with my car.

By the way, Tim Nohe informs me all the seeds for his kids schoolyard garden got eaten by mice. Send him some if you have some extra, ok? I have a bunch to send him as well.

I'm going to try for a giant pumpkin this year- I might inadvertantly kill my helpful neighbors' big truck this fall!

Yup. We've got a book on pruning!

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