Sunrise Tuba Concert


Rise and Shine!

This is the weekend of our neighborhood's Annual Sunrise Tuba Concert.

Silly me. I made plans for sleeping late, forgetting that exactly one year ago, the neighbors had hired an early-morning brass band.

It's remarkable how loud a tuba a trumpet and one set of drums can be. It's really jarring to be knocked out of sleep by raucous tuba music. Apparently, my brain just cannot handle this as wake-up music.

(But really... Who starts partying at 7am on a Sunday, anyway?)


Chris Chauvet said…
This is why I love California.
John and Diane said…
Love the idea but 7am is a bit early on a Sunday!
Christine said…
I guess it could be worse- you could live next door to the band's practice spot. Consider it neighborly capital to spend on replacing that fence between the two of you!
robb said…
That's exactly what Lisa said about band practice. But, thank the gods, it's not our next door neighbor. The music is quite loud enough from four houses away.

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