Dispelling the Myth of the Slacky Artist


All of the scenic artists and muralists that I work with are highly motivated people. They have to be. They are expected to create high-quality work, under tight deadlines. They have to share their workspaces with other teams. And they have to "get it right" every single time.

There's no waiting for the muse to strike. Tickets are sold. The show must go on.

And there's no being fussy about the projects. Sure, sometimes you're covering forty foot walls with punk rock posters, or painting sixty foot wide copies of paintings by the Old Masters. But other times, you're coming to work on the weekends, and painting cinderblock walls.

There are no Slackers among the my colleagues. We work hard, and have a lot of fun.

There are no Starving Artists, either, because I bribed everyone on my crew with home made scones and home grown lemons.


Gina said…
You are the best boss in the world.
Carol said…
I would agree that artist involved in the performing arts are the most intensely disciplined, for as you say ... the show must go on! What beautiful scones and lemons! You are clearly an artist in all aspects of your life. ;>)
Dang. I accidentally deleted Annalisa's "will work for food" comment.
Lyn said…
Anonymous said…
Mmm...homemade scones! I hope Robb continues to heal and make progress.
Meredith said…
I just hope your staff appreciates how lucky they are. :)

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