What is it about cats and boxes? Why does Felis catus have such a compulsion to cram itself into the tiniest of boxes or baskets?

Robb set a basket down on the table in the back yard, and the neighborhood cats immediately claimed it as their own. Cardigan called "dibs," but Sleeves cuddled up next to him. Then commenced the synchronized napping, grooming, and yawning display.

I burst out laughing, every time I look at this photograph. So much for Feline Dignity.

You would hardly think that this cat (who is gently grooming Robb's hand) used to be terrified of us. Sadly, his brother still thinks we're Unrepentant Cat Murderers. He's willing to take the food we offer, but he still runs away in terror, when we get too close.

I spent all Sunday at work, painting scenery. But there was a beer and a Kitty Cuddle ready for me when I got home. I think we both have interesting markings on our legs.


Anonymous said…
Priceless photo of the 2 kitties! To me, they look like little old ladies complaining about something. "This basket's too small". "At least you HAVE a basket! Move over and let me have a corner".

A terrific post! I love your comment about "feline dignity". Made me laugh outloud : )
ArtGekko said…
I'm impressed at the gradual trust earned by you both. Wonderful to see! :)

I agree about cats and boxes. Our orange kitty (the bigger one of our two, of course) insists on cramming himself into game box lids if we happen to leave it available while we play the game. Even boxes that don't have lids - the ones that open on the side and you slide the contents out - he'll still try to shimmy inside of them.

And then there are laundry baskets....
Ha, priceless photos. We, too, have a cat who loves the tiniest of boxes. How amazing that even the neighborhood kitties look forward to squeezing in!
John and Diane said…
I had to laugh - I read this post yesterday morning and then John came home from work with a shallow box of papers to put in the home recycling. He took the papers out and a second later, Eames was sitting in the box with his black butt fur sticking out of the hole in the end of the box that is used for a handle. He was so proud of himself.
Hey - isn't cat boxing one of those clandestine activities like cock fighting - and cat juggling?!
What a delightful post for us, cat-lovers! Everyone looks good, but the second picture is something! It's an award-deserving image!
The Seed Basket said…
Hi Lisa, Great site I enjoyed all your cat and bird pictures. I was thinking of joining the beekeeping group in Calgary. It should be a great way to meet new people. I will have to get some good shots of my cats and post them too. I hope Robb is doing good.
Thanks Sherrie
Anonymous said…
Those are great photos! Love the one where Robb is being tasted before they all pounce on him and eat him. Has he thought of an escape plan?

Anonymous said…
Hi Lisa, what a delightful post! The cats look adorable! I love the second photo!!

Thank you for stopping by my blog. Pleasure having you over. and thank you for mentioning the tit.

Have a lovely week!

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