Rain, Rain, Go Away


Our big fundraising ride is Saturday, and wouldn't you know it -- it is supposed to rain for the first time in months.

Northern California gets two seasons, Drought and the Rainy Season. And when it rains, everyone freaks out. I'm more than a bit worried about the fact that we'll be riding in the rain.

Sharing the road with drivers who've forgotten how to drive in the rain.

Sharing the road with people who've been visiting the wineries and aren't as sober as they should be.

Riding on all that road grease that has accumulated over the past seven months, and is now rising off the road surface, and floating on the wet road surface.

To say nothing of the "fun" of riding for three hours in the rain.

It will be great.

And, folks, if you possibly can, please make a donation to our ride. We're so close to our goal, and I don't want to fall short.


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