Hand Printed Wallpaper


This is just part of what we've been working on. My intern Mike created the physical stencil. Gaby painted the paper. And I did the layout and printed the pattern. We typically do this kind of work on the floor (this paper is six feet wide, and about fifteen feet tall), and to stencil it, I'm squatting and standing, over and over again for hours.

My thighs are in agony today.

I love the irregular "painterly" quality of this wallpaper. Usually, the objective of printing wallpaper is to make something that looks like it was made by machines. On this design, we really are trying to make our paintings look like paintings.

Have I mentioned how much I love Scott Bradley, the designer of this show? Not only is he an total sweetheart, he's also a wonderful artist. His shows are always exhausting, challenging, and a delight to work on.


Gina said…
This is gorgeous! What's the show?
Joe Turner's Come and Gone, by August Wilson
Eliza said…
oh, it's beautiful! I think that Scott Bradley is very lucky to have you working on his set!
Anonymous said…
This Scott guy should take you all out for a beer when the show is done, eh?

The size of the project looks massive! No wonder you guys are working 14 hour days!

I picked 40 gourds today and 33 pumpkins. Also popcorn. I would send you some if the state of california wasnt so crazy about imported vegetable matter.


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