Getting Our Feet Wet

One of our major accomplishments on Sunday was braving the chilly waters of the Monterey Bay. It was our first time snorkeling since my injury.

Looking back, it was really only about a year ago I was able to begin swimming face down in the water. At that time, I was so temperature sensitive it would have been out of the question to do what we did yesterday.

Our other achievement? Changing out of wetsuits on the side of the road (apparently without violating any laws).

Today we feel like true Californians.


Anonymous said…
But wait. Where are the pictures of you two changing out of your wet suits by the side of the road?
Ryan said…
I'm kind of disappointed you didn't violate any laws. That's always an interesting experience. =) I changed clothes (and I mean ALL my clothes) in a public laundromat once upon a time. =) Never got busted for it, though....

-- Ryan
Actual Headline:

Judge Acquits Carpenter of Indecency

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