I've been laid up with some ghastly stomach ailment for a couple of days.

My innards hurt, and I can't face food.

I ended up missing my last two swimming classes, which is a drag. I also missed photo call for one of the shows we've been working on.


Anonymous said…
*gentle fluffy hug*
Anonymous said…
Hey there, there is also a stomach ailment of some sort making the rounds here in Pa.

Politics are making my stomach cramp up as well.

I went out today and got my THIRD set of obama signs today since mine keep getting stolen.


Those republicans are stealing me blind at the gas pump, with an $850 billion bailout, and at $4 a pop for my obama signs, it s no wonder the obama campaign is rolling in dough!

Thank you for allowing me to vent.

MommaWriter said…
Oh, I'm with you there...typing from bed with some food I don't really feel like eating. I missed all of my kids' cute Halloween festivities today including the first grade party I planned. Such a bummer.

Hope you're feeling better soon, Lisa! Ghastly stomach ailments are the worst...


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