What's Moving?


Regular blog readers will recall the maps that I've shown of the parts of Robb's body that he cannot access, due to the neurological damage caused by his spinal cord accident. From the beginning, he's been able to move his big toe, but not the other toes on his feet, which is consistent with what these dermatome maps indicate.

Last night, he very excitedly showed me that he could wiggle the pinky toe on his weaker foot. "What had changed?" I asked. Robb shrugged and said that he hadn't tried moving it for a while, but for some reason he now could.

I'm thrilled. This means there's still improvement going on. The rate of recovery is so slow, that we often can't tell if Robb is getting better, or just getting better at adapting.

The other "moving" thing that happened last night was an earthquake. I was crawling around under our bed, vacuuming, and what with the noise and vibration on the vacuum, I didn't notice a thing. I only found out that we'd had a quake when our neighbor Dominique rang our doorbell. I love that the neighbors check in with one another when there's a quake.

The photo, by the way, is of a prosthetic toe from ancient Egypt. Annalisa mentioned mummies in her recent comments, so this photo is in her honor.


Anonymous said…
Mummy feet... gotta love something that looks like my usual over-cooked dinners. Now that's scary, eh?

Great to hear about Robb's toes coming along, I bet the exercise and then rest then the flu all served to unclog some pathways for communication. Keep up the good work! Happy Halloween!

By the way, that photo reminds me of the Mutter Museum in Philly. Extremely fascinating, but best viewed on an empty stomach.

Anonymous said…
Where! On! Earth!?! do you find these things? I thought I'd check in from the oposite coast just to see how things are going, and I get treated to Egyptian mummy toes. Obviously, things are OK. Keep the truly odd photos coming...


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