That Spooky Spirit


I love Halloween. Not just because my birthday is right about that time, but because it is a holiday that celebrates some pretty strange things. The hinge in the seasons between summer and winter, the idea that the dead can walk the earth for one night, the equally uncanny idea that for one night children can demand candy from total strangers, costumes..... Oh yeah, the list of why I love this holiday goes on and on.

I had planned to have people over to the shop to carve pumpkins, but somehow I was really late in issuing invitations. Oh well, I thought, if nobody shows up, Robb and I can drink a few beers and mangle pumpkins by ourselves. (Alcohol and knives. Always a good combination, right?)

As it turned out, quite a variety of people showed up. We were especially excited to see Robb's former nurse case manager Linda. I was finally able to give her the scarf I made as a thank you gift for everything she had done for us.

I didn't manage to carve anything interesting. I socialized and ran around, which pretty typical for me at one of our craft parties. I figure, I make things all day at work, but I don't get to hang out with my friends everyday.

I had grandiose ideas about doing a still life photo of all the pumpkins, but somehow that never happened. Instead, I photographed pumpkin guts.

And whatnot.

Why, yes. Those are candy eyeballs.


Lynne Rutter said…
very sorry not to have made this- ended up having to work yesterday. but i do have a super sawsall here and i hope to kick some pumpkin ass later on.
Anonymous said…
Make sure to save all those pumpkin seeds and roast them, or plant them next year in your garden.

We grew 2 of them in the yeard this year, they never got too big because of the drought here, but its nice to have them anyway, and we have them on the front porch. Maybe we will make pie, eh?

Anonymous said…
Lisa and Robb-
for a real good and sick laugh for halloween, go to

I found this doing an online search for fabric, I have no idea how this came up, but it's as twisted as some people I know.

Kristen said…
who did the deranged lantern? brilliant!

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