the roaming herd

I realize that I haven't been writing a lot about the state of Robb's health lately. Things have been challenging, and I don't know what to say about the current state of affairs.

Robb continues to do all sorts of athletic therapies, but by the time I get home for the night, he's pretty much exhausted. We have dinner, and then I join his restless migration around the apartment.

Robb finds it very difficult to get comfortable, lately. If he sits too long -- like for more than twenty minutes -- back hurts, so he goes and lays down. But lately if he lays down too long, his back hurts in a different way and so he has to get up and try something else.

I generally trail him as he roams from living room to bedroom and back again. But, for some reason, I usually join him as he's reached his limit. I settle in, and then he's on the move again.


Anonymous said…
I was just thinking of Robb the other day when I saw a stationary recumbant bike =o) An exercise bike of the recumbant style... who would have thought =o)

Sorry to her Robb is still having a hard time but I am glad to see he has gotten over the bug he had a while back.

Anonymous said…
Robb needs a hammock

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