A Change of Scenery


I've been swamped at work. This season, our schedule is very compressed. This week we're opening one show in one theater, dis-assembling the scenery for another show in a different space, and frantically trying to finish up work on a third show. Everyone is very stressed out, because there's so much to get done.

The entire shop has been putting in long hours, and we all worked on Saturday.

On Sunday, Robb and I decided to try a change of pace with the cycling. We rode out to where we thought the Iron Horse Trail went through Walnut Creek, but got on the wrong path. After riding in the bike lane through wildly affluent suburbs, and being yelled at not once but twice, we turned back in disgust.

I really thought I had mis-heard the first man who yelled "Get off the road" until the guy with the SUV drove past and shouted "Buy a car!" at me through his on-board speaker system. I was flabbergasted. This gentleman actually spent money installing a microphone in his car, so he could broadcast his opinions at his fellow man.

There wasn't much to see along this route. Gated mansions and road kill.

We finally found the Iron Horse Trail, and though neither Robb nor I were feeling very spry, we rode on it for a little while. We heard western scrub jays calling, but saw very little "real" nature.

We saw a very strange sculpture installation behind a huge home alongside the trail. Mostly, it represented some fantasy of old west farm life, but there were also sculptures of chimps in wheelbarrows, cartoony sheep and zebras. And these rather weather-beaten buzzards.

Someone else had installed chainsaw bears alongside the trail.

And on the way home, we passed the Lafayette Crosses, each one of which represents an American who has died in Iraq since the start of George W. Bush's war.


Anonymous said…
Hmm... a mixed up ride,then, hmm? I understand the feeling. Cool sculptures!

I did indeed say hi to Jimmy at BSF for you. His face lit up like a pinball machine when you win an extra game, and he sends hugs & hellos & congrats on the big ride!
magnusmog said…
I've followed onto your blog from Ravelry - I know I shouldn't laugh at the deluded SUV driver but it was the thing that made me chuckle out loud this morning. Thanks and keep cycling :)
Troop 2440 said…
Zoinks! I can't believe people would shout at bicyclists. Maybe you two should rent really loud Harleys and drive through their neighborhood!

Romi said…
I'm not surprised, sadly. When our elder son was very little, we used to cycle around here (wine country) with him in a trailer. One day I was pulling and my husband was behind me; a pick-up truck driver actually brushed my husband on purpose and drove on laughing. I am constantly amazed by people who seem not to understand or empathize with their fellow humans at all.

I like the Harley idea. :eg:
Anonymous said…
Hey, at least the drivers are not throwing drinks at you, YET, like what happened to me in Batlimore city once. Also, my personal biking hit and run driver has probably had karma catch up with him by now.

(There's a special place in the afterlife for brain dead drivers like that, and they are going there before we are, because they are all over weight non-cyclers who will die of heart disease.)

Remember you are a taxpayer AND a legal citizen, and can ride where ever you want, right? If some one told me to leave from a public bike path, I'd grin at them and say, "I'm a lawyer, come and make me leave". Remember to say that next time, and watch attitudes change! Also, fart a lot in that area as well as you pass through it.

I also like the Harley motorcycle idea, Martha has a dark side to her I can relate to!

Anonymous said…
I've a drink thrown at me, while walking to work in East Haddam, Connecticut. A huge soda. It was really upsetting and a bit scary. And those ice cubes are hard!

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