Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Abby, Abby Someone


About a month ago, I started having the strangest sensation that someone was poking me with a crayon. A crayon inside my skull.

I called my health plan right away, and was told to stay the hell off of ladders and to schedule an appointment with the neurologist.

This freaked me out, more than just a little, because of the cyst full of spinal fluid that was found in my brain six months ago.

However, when I met with the neurologist, he didn't seem particularly worried. Interested, perhaps, but not worried. We scheduled another brain scan, which I was due for, and which I'll be having tomorrow.

Sometime after the crayon-poking started, my ears clogged up. It was annoying, but I really didn't have time to deal with it. Today, I finally met with my primary care doctor, and she had some really interesting ideas about both these issue. She suspects that I have horribly inflamed sinuses, and that's causing both of these sensations.

The scan tomorrow should offer some insight into all of this.

Wish me luck.


Gina said...

Good luck! I'm curious to know what they find and if it is sinus related. Swollen sinuses were the cause of my ear infection and, ultimately, the drum bursting and it still feels like I can't hear out of the left side. No one seems to listen when I say I have very specific kinds of headaches now and the ears are really annoying and I KNOW there's still something else going on.

But sinuses causing the brain fluid? WoW!

Oh, and jump in here and say you are AMAZING for doing BORP with all of this going on! It must be that brain fluid that caused the self-deprecation because YOU ROCK - and everyone out here knows it.

. . . Lisa and Robb . . . said...

The inflamed sinuses and the brain fluid are unrelated. I think I wasn't very clear. I think the pocket of spinal fluid in my brain is a fluke. But I've always had sinus issues.

I would be much happier to know that discomfort is from sinuses than a cyst in my brain.

We'll see what the scan says.

Gina said...

Hmmm. Yes. I will be sending good vibes. Good luck with the day. xo

Minette said...

Good luck! I sure hope it's something obvious and easily remedied.

If it turns out to be a crayon, however, I'll be very interested to know what color it is. Cerise? Periwinkle? Raw sienna? Gray matter?

I'll be back...

Anonymous said...

A crayon inside your head? Honestly, it would be nice to know I had something inside there on some days!

Listen to your doctors and take care of yourself. Only paint things that are as high up as your hand can reach in your new house.

Good to know you have health care- take advantage of it. We subscribe to the ideology of "Painful head syndrome" by wrapping tin foil around our skulls and cursing those pesky space aliens. I HATE those brain probes! The aliens dont like when we climb on ladders either, they think we are trying to invade their territory in a minor way. Thats where the ladder issue comes into play. Sounds like both you and Robb have pissed off some space aliens in your former lives. I KNEW those weirdos in Baltimore were more than humanly odd, Hon!

Gary's 80 year old Mom and Aunt are with us for a week and we are going to take them to their first apple orchard today! No ladders for them either!

Annalisa and Gary

Becky said...

Great good luck to you. Good vibes are wafting up from the fine fall air of my little coastal town...

sarcasmo said...

Best of luck to a great artist and LBr...although you blog very little about lbing these days. ;)
Sarcasmo A/Q

LunaSea said...

Good luck and BigBigBigHUGS to you.

Anonymous said...

So, whats up already? It's been a bit since you posted about your brain tests. Inquiring people with (or without) minds want to know what's going on? Also, how much did you raise on your bike marathon?

We went and picked apples and had a fine time- no ladder action. Also, we made pie. It was VERY good!

Annalisa and Gary

Anonymous said...


If sinuses are the thing - try a Neti Pot - they work wonders.

Lightnin' Bug
Getting Ready to Neti.


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