Thursday, September 10, 2009

Professional Help


Moving day is Sunday. (eeeeeek!)

Our house is a hive of activity, with contractors (who I've still not seen in action) scurrying around.

We're having our beautiful old oak floors "screened" and re-varnished. And we're having a new roof put on our (formerly) falling-down garage. Also, the caving-in steps are being replaced.

I've had a really weird head-thing going on since last Friday. First, it felt like someone was repeatedly poking a crayon through my skull. Not painful, but annoying. For the last few days, it has felt like a very deep bruise, and it is uncomfortable when I lean over. I've spoken to the advice nurse and an urgent care doctor at my health plan, but haven't managed to schedule and actual appointment. Remember that brain scan I had in the spring? Well, I can't remember if I actually wrote about the outcome, but I have some kind of cyst -- a pocket of excess spinal fluid in my temporal lobe.

I'm trying not to freak out, but I'm also not managing to be very productive at the moment.

I would really like to figure out how to unclench my jaw. I'm going to break a tooth at this rate.


Anonymous said...

Excess Spinal Fluid? Great!


No, really, I've read about this- thia may actually be one of the reasons you have been really emotional - not that you didn't have damn good reaason to be, anyway.

I have read about excess spinal fluid- People who have this are usually subject to hallucinations and psychic abilities. So if you get any winning lottery numbers that flash through your brain, jot them down for me, ok? I think it messes around with your sense of smell as well.

If you decide to keep the spinal fluid in your head, maybe you could have a career as a circus freak- "Go on, poke my brain, already". That would look great on your resume! Could you sell your brain fluid online perhaps?

I had a sac of some sort of fluid removed from my left wrist in high school. The docs just use a needle and get it out. It was weirdly orange and clashed with my clothes. It also never came back.

In all honesty- you guys have had enough ridiculously horrible and stupid things happen to you both. And GREAT ones as well. Like those bikes! Just do everything your doctors tell you to, and be gentle with yourself. I salute you going to the doctor and getting this figured out. I am more of a foot-dragger when it comes to getting my health looked at, and so, literally I am dragging my foot around cause I'm too "busy" and underinsured to go to a Doc. It's always healed before, why shouldn't it now? (repeatedly sprained ankle) I've got another foot, but you'vee only got one head, so take care of it, please!

Things with the house will come along, and you will be able to enjoy the progress, wether its you and Robb doing it, or hired labor. Great to hear about your floors getting done. Our wooden floors are all painted a deep chocolate brown (traditional for that time) and I'm working on a floor trim paint design. Our floors are painted since they are made up of lots of different types of wood, and none of the boards of wood match in color. Go figure. I envy your natural floors!

Gary wants to know if you did a Homer Simpson and stuck a crayon up your nose when you were a kid? He says it's time to tell you to take it out already.

I guess I don't have to wish you a scary Halloween this year, as you got enough scary stuff going on in your lives. Like those sky-view cabinets! Whew!

Going to pick tomatoes to go to the local fair today- along with a big ass sunflower. I could have entered a contest for worlds biggest weeds if there were only a prize for that!


Syndee said...

Just think that for all the things that go awry, there will be that many more which will go smoothly. You are two people who have been able to keep your sense of humor through thick and thin and you deserve some great things headed your way. Just think of all the great memories you'll be able to laugh about years from now.

Quick note to Annalisa - You have such a great humorous flair for writing that I can now read your responses, and know it's you before I get to the end! Thanks for the laughs.

gollygee said...

I just had a mouth guard thingy made to help with my jaw-clenching. I still bite down, but at least I'm biting into the mouth guard and not hurting my teeth. The dentist said it should help me stop clenching altogether over time, but that is going to take a while from what I can tell!


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