Saturday, February 07, 2009

All Kidding Aside


The scan I had last week confirms that I did not have a stroke, and that I do not have brain cancer.

I met with a neurologist, and we looked over the images from the scan. I, apparently, have a pocket of spinal fluid in my temporal lobe. The doctor asked me a lot of questions (particularly about my history of migraines), and did a battery of in-office tests (most of which I had seen Robb do -- touch your nose with your eyes closed, that sort of thing). The doctor was interested, but not freaked out.

More tests are forthcoming.

I'm choosing not to expend any excess emotional energy on worrying. It accomplishes nothing, and just stresses me out. I'm taking a positive outlook about the whole thing.


Anonymous said...

I have also had a brain scan - 2 now actually. People on Dialysis are susceptible to clots in the brain (terrific). Mine have both been normal (does that mean I'm normal???) hehehe. Anyway, I also choose to keep a positive attitude and not worry about it. I have plenty to worry about, without also worrying about the "what if's". I cross each medical hurdle as it comes up. You both seem to have a lot of tenacity.. you keep going through adversity. That is a very good trait.

Anonymous said...

Brains are a lot like family: there is no such thing as normal.

Grumpy Grinch

Grumpy Grinch said...

My doctor showed my last CT
To reassure both Robb and me.
It showed a very tiny cyst
Inside my brain; now she'll insist
More tests are needed to explain
The cause of fluid on my brain.
Again she tests my brisk knee-jerk
To tease out problems where they lurk.
She'll prob'ly want a better scan,
To probe the rest of my brainpan.
As tiresome as this may be,
I know she wants the best for me.
She'll look and scan and test and probe
To explicate my temporal lobe.

Grumpy (Frank)

Anonymous said...

Eeeww, did you get to see the scan? Did the spinal fluid look dark or light? Do you get to keep the image that they made?
I'm totally geeking out. I've never been able to see the inside of my brain. Was it awesome? Were you like' "oh look there is my frontal cortex, how cute."
I bet your brain is really wrinkly.
I have heard that the more we think the more wrinkles we develop in our brains.
Oh, and nice poem Grumpy!


Anonymous said...

Spinal fluid in your temporal lobe? At least your not like that other lady in the news last week who had a baby's foot in her brain. I, on the other hand, have been accused of having things up my butt region, most notably, my head. usually while driving.

Hope it all goes well in this yet-continuing-story-of-health-related "issues" to plague you two. Maybe during a further scan a creative doctor will find some loose change or something up there.

Since your previous story was about comsuming human least find or do something useful, put your spinal fluid into soup or something. Since your previous posting was about brains, I don't feel a spinal fluid soup comment is innapropriate. I just would NEVER eat the human placenta soup I have heard touted by ultra-vegans, as the only non-death related flesh protein product to be consumed by people who MUST have had their brains eaten by aforesaid zombies.

Anyway enough about eating. I'm strangely hungry right now. Too bad you guys dont live closer. heh heh. Robb can't run very fast now, eh? Better you guys keep his bike close by in case of attack, other wise he will never outrun them. But given the high density of vegetarians in your area, maybe all your future zombies will eat heads of lettuce and cabbage instead..


gollygee said...

Honestly, I've had migraines all my life and if I was you I'd actually be excited. :D The fact that it could possibly mean an end to migraines is fantastic. But I also understand not wanting to get your hopes up. :)

dianesteelequilts said...

About 15 years ago, I had a scare much the same as yours. The 'twinkling lights' of a migraine and powerful light sensitivity but I also had numbness in my hand and couldn't speak the words I was thinking--which was the really freaky thing!

My brain scan showed nothing.

And it never happened again--nothing even close.

Perhaps the fact that I never worried about it was key. Nothing one can do about such things so there's no sense worrying. Good luck with that.

Syndee said...

I've found recently that each time your mind starts wandering to the what ifs, you need to have something elso with which to transfer your energy. You kind of have to prepare those other things in advance. eg. 'every time I think about 'what if', I'll refocus on my favorite vacation spot, or what to make for dinner, or a project that needs to be accomplished'. Also, the reminder that you can't do anything about what you don't know, helps tremendously.


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