Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Common Cold


I read about an interesting study last night. Apparently, if doctors told their patients that they had a "chest cold" the patients would be content with a course of treatment that did not involve the use of antibiotics. If the patients were told that they had "acute bronchitis" (which is exactly the same thing as a chest cold), they were likely to be unhappy unless given antibiotics.

Antibiotics, according to this other study, have no efficacy in treating chest colds. And, while most doctors believe that chest colds will get better in about a week, they actually hang on for much longer, usually about three weeks, and often as long as eight.

Can you guess that I'm still sick?

I've been calling this a "chest cold" all along. I refuse to believe that this is anything particularly serious. Certainly not Swine Flu. I'm exhausted, and have lungs that feel like they're filled with Elmer's white glue. And I'm feeling incredibly stupid.

Stupid is one thing. Crazy is another. Robb's last post makes me sound more than a little demented. I'm going to ask blog readers to guess why I was asking him to make a remote-control feral cat feeder.

Any thoughts?


Anonymous said...

You were worried about those nervous strays that hang around your yard and run away at the sight of people. Wanted them to enjoy Thanksgiving too! :-)

Grumpy Grinch

Anonymous said...

You're trying to train them to feed at given times so you can slip out and "commune" with them...maybe get your hands on them so you can see that they have their feline shots???

Anonymous said...

It seriously think it sounds like you have asthma- seriously. I know you are vegetarians but can't you break down for once and have some chicken soup? Even Vegan Chicken soup? Is there such a thing?

Feeding feral cats is ok- it like feeding really really fuzzy feral humans on Thanksgiving at a food kitchen... Fuzzy feral humans need love, too.

By the way, we are currently having a tremendously foggy evening here, so thick that we can't see the barn lights, which is only about 70 feet from the house. Its a great night for a pre-Thanksgiving ghost story!


Anonymous said...

Just a guess, but do you want to avoid feeding other critters such as possums or raccoons?
Or else you are inspired by Really Cool Contraptions?
--Leah in Centralia, WA

JensenFamily54 said...

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