Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Up, Up and Away

The only thing I remember about waking up this morning was Lisa asking me, on her way out the door, if I could think of a way of feeding our neighborhood stray cats by remote control.

Several hours later, there I was in the garden with a cat food dispenser, some wire, eye screws and a few yards of kite string. I had just finished rigging up a food dish that could be levitated away into the branches of our big lemon tree.

I had loaded up the bowl with food and was standing around the corner from the bowl in the middle of testing the rig when I saw two panicked cats go streaking by. They didn't stop until they reached the roof of the neighbor's garage.

Apparently, unseen by me, our two regular backyard visitors were already at the bowl and eating when I started making their dinner fly away. The result: a cruel, cruel prank ... or a Samuel Beckett play.


Gina said...

(giggles like a school-girl)

Now I have images of combining "Cats" and Beckett! Delightful!

Happy Thanksgiving to the two of you. I'm grateful for you.


Anonymous said...

What ... are you like the local weirdo California version of McGuyver? I bet all the neighborhood cats get together and talk to each other about how the new guy who moved into the area is screwing with them. I suspect a nice helping of kitty treats will make up for your odd new hobby, though!

Have a happy Thanksgiving day to you guys, and your kitties. Its cold and rainy here and Gray's Mom is her eto help us eat lots of food-


Anonymous said...

Also, what about a pully system that goes up to a window? That way the cats don't even have to see you guys in the yard when you get food to them.

I suspect lots of cats will be throwing themselves into the air when they realize you are doing a airdrop of food. Look up squirrel baffels online to get some ideas, and laughs as well.



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