Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Help Us Help People With Disabilities

It’s hard to believe, but Robb and I are doing our *twelfth* fundraising ride for the Bay Area Recreation Program (BORP).

BORP is a Berkeley-based nonprofit with a mission to improve the lives of people with physical disabilities through sports, fitness and recreational programs.  BORP’s programs help people with disabilities gain skills and confidence that lead to success in school, work and life.

In the years that we’ve been connected to BORP, we’ve seen frail disabled kids blossom and become strong resilient teenagers. And much of their success can be attributed to the intense mentoring provided by the BORP family. It’s always lovely seeing young people grow and mature, but these folks are really special. These kids have a supportive network, which is hugely important for people with disabilities. They're playing hard, and they’re thriving.

A few highlights of the past year for kids in BORP’s youth programs were playing an opening game for the Golden State Warriors at the Oracle Arena, winning the National Championship at the Disabled Hockey Festival, and sending two teams to the National Power Soccer Tournament in Indiana. All of these activities require specialized gear, transportation, coaching, and a huge amount of logistical support.

BORP's youth sports programs are as much about mentoring as they are about physical accomplishments. Because almost half of the Bay Area's 686,000 disabled people are people of color, BORP puts a particular emphasis on crafting programs to serve a diverse population. Likewise, there are programs for people with low English proficiency. There are programs for veterans. There's an unparalleled cycling program, a "lending library" made up of the nation's largest collection of adaptive cycles. BORP hosts wheelchair basketball teams for both kids and adults.  They offer soccer for motorized wheelchair users, sled-hockey, and goalball for visually impaired players. BORP have a calendar full of outings, from rock climbing, to boating, to skiing. They operate a beautiful fitness center, across from the Ashby BART.

This organization is very special to me and I have been so grateful for the support of my theater friends.  If you can possibly help this organization, which is so special to me, I’d be so thankful. Secure donations can be made, by clicking this link.

Thanks for your kindness!

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